Why Hire A Jumping Castle From Us?

Hi all,

Thought it might be time to write an article to help the first time hirer out there navigate through the minefield of hiring a jumping castle for their child’s party. We understand how daunting the process can be, when you look up on the internet and find what literally seems like hundreds of companies out there.

Here Are Some Tips To Help Make The Hiring Process Easier

1. Refine your search to Sydney ie. Jumping Castles Sydney or Jumping Castle Hire Sydney.

2. Start looking through various websites until you get an idea of the castle and artwork design you are looking for. Think who you are hiring the castle is for, if it is your young daughters surprise birthday party she would like something similar to the Disney Fairies jumping castle. A boy’s party would suit more the Justice League jumping castle. If the occasion were a corporate event you would probably want to go for something gender neutral like the Toy Story 3 jumping castle.

3. Make a short list of companies to contact. (When choosing who to contact consider things such as : transparency of information on castles sizing, price, condition. We only use enclosed late model Mercedes Sprinter vans to deliver our castles. We believe if it is reliable enough for the Ambulance service then it is reliable enough for us. I will not comment on larger companies over smaller companies but consider more if the company you choose is making you feel at ease and comfortable. Are you able to get in contact with them? If you leave a message, is it returned promptly? Most companies deliver Sydney wide while some just service their local areas. Are they upfront with their prices or do you actually not know the price excepted when the operator tells you? Will you then cop extra fees on the day that you were not expecting?

4. Look at the designs on their website. If it looks cheap or has a feel of MADE IN CHINA look about it then be careful. Castles made in China can be of a cheaper quality and this can greatly impact your hire on the day. The unit may not hold air and therefore needs 2 blowers running to keep it inflated (you will lose 2 power points if this is the case). It may not have the same amount of baffles inside the ride bed as a quality inflatable leading to poor performance and reduced rider numbers. In the event of an accident, is the castle compliant?

5. Look through their FAQS and Facebook pages and check them out behind the scenes. You should be able to see actual pictures of their jumping castles and read the posts from their customers….these comments are real and not like created testimonials on a website. If they have a cross section of customers leaving comments then they are doing something right. We ourselves do not run competitions on Facebook to gain comments or likes but just have it there if you choose to use it.

6. Make sure they have Public Liability Insurance and all their castles come with a Logbook.
The Logbook will have the Engineering Compliance to the Australian Standard and records all information about the particular inflatable in it. If the company doesn’t seem big on paperwork then maybe they aren’t big on any paperwork.

7. When you call up to make an enquiry, if the castle you wanted is already booked then ask the operator if they could tell you someone else to ring. We have a good knowledge of professional companies and where they are located and will gladly refer someone on.Tell the next company you were referred. At the end of the day, its only about a child having a dream birthday party and we all can work together to achieve this outcome.

8. At the time of booking consider …does this company give me the confidence that they will be reliable on the day and turn up on time with a jumping castle clean and in great condition?


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