Themed Jumping Castle Hire

Which Themed Jumping Castle to Hire for our party?

I often have parents ring me up asking for a specific themed jumping castle hire for their kids party hire in Sydney. This is great, and as you would have seen throughout the site, we cater for this in alot of areas.

If you have a set theme, and there is a castle to match then go ahead and get it booked in.
Quite often the child is given the choice of which jumping castle hire they would prefer.
If this is the case, and they choose the same design as the one they had last year, consider this…they are remembering how much fun last year’s party was. This is because you chose reputable suppliers who provide a fantastic product and all your planning amounted to a perfect birthday party and a dream day for them. They a just wanting to emulate that day all over again.
We see some customers that have had say the Disney Fairies Combo jumping castle or the Disney Princess Combo jumping castle for two or three years in a row. I know of one little boy who has had a Superhero party for the last four years. These parents have tried to do a different theme each year (for the benefit of photos not appearing as a double up for future reference), but in the end have given up and decided not to fight and just run with it.
At the end of the day, everyone always has an awesome time when there is a jumping castle at the party.
If , on the other hand, you wish to keep it different each year, and you have a little girl to cater for then the pattern seems to be as follows; Dora Jump or Mickey Mouse for a first or second birthday then Disney fairiesDisney Fairies Jumping Castle    or FrozenDisney Frozen Jumping Castle Sydney for a third birthday then onto Disney Princess for a fourth, fifth and sixth birthday.Disney Princess Combo Jumping Castle
If you are planning for a boy’s party then it is really simple; Cars or Superheroes then more Cars or Superheroes.Cars jumping castle hire SydneyJustice League Combo Jumping Castle
If you choose a theme that doesn’t have a jumping castle themed to it then the Generic Combo is a great choice.
Whatever the choice, the kids will have a memorable fun party.Unisex Jumping Castle In Sydeny

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Andrew Jones


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