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Indoor/Outdoor Robot Jumping Castle Hire Sydney

Product Description

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Beep Boob Bzzzz! Greetings human! Make sure you grease those hinges and fill up on plenty of fuel. The robots need the help of you and your friends, are you powerful enough? This Robot themed indoor or outdoor Jumping Castle is an awesome environment for children with wild imaginations, it also features a basketball hoop so that they can show off their accuracy while they pop like a robot! Priced at $230 for 4 hours, or just $280 for 7 hours!

Price Guide
4 hours – $230
7 hours – $280

Size Guide
Product Dimensions
– Length 4.42m
– Width 4.04m
– Height 3.2m
Area required:
5m(L) x 5m(W) x 3.2m(H)

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